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Core Exfoliation Duo
Intensive Spot Treatment
Smooth for Shavers



2 pc Kits

TIP: Clip your Body Brush bristles for a stiffer, more intense brushing experience.



Full Body Shave Kits


Who's it for

Waxers/Razor Shavers/Electric Shavers:

Anyone with coarse, curly hair that needs the extra help with lifting hair from potential ingrown position.


What's in it


(2 or 4oz) Daily Demolition Spray

Spa Body Brush


How to Use

Directions USE DAILY. Dead skin builds up on a daily basis. Fight back daily to keep skin ready for ANY type of hair removal.

10 Seconds to spray target areas PRE-BED for overnight exfoliation of dead skin.

10 Seconds of targeted, dry-skin, brushing PRE-SHOWER, for physical lifting of hair.

Used on target areas of the face and body, this dynamic duo will eliminate and prevent ingrowns, rash and irritation from any type of hair removal.

Can be used on FACE & BODY

Who's it for

Any spot you see fit to get rid of will benefit from the six tricks in Deep Six: Acne, Ingrowns, Scars as well as UV damaged ares (Sun/Age) spots.

What's in it

A convenient roller-ball glass bottle applicator puts the magic right where you need it.

Equal parts of Glycolic Acid, WillowBark and Organic Rooibos Extract are blended with the expert delivery of Castor Oil and then topped off with Lavender and Tea Tree Oil.


How to Use

Shake your bottle to full incorporate all six ingredients and then apply to clean, dry skin up to 4 times a day.


Who's it for

Infrequent Waxers & Razor Shavers:

Complete kit that covers all the bases. Get all of Dirty Dog's TIPS & DIRECTIONS for the optimal results from this NEW way to shave.

The perfect combination of product, ingredients, tools and information to make the WAY you shave NOT cause more ingrown hair!


What's in it


(2 or 4 oz)Daily Demolition Spray

Spa Body Brush

(2 or 4 oz) Smooth Shave Gel

1/3 oz Razor Oil



How to Use

HOW you shave is causing the problem! Dirty Dog's Full Shave Kit will address all of the misguided blades, habits and actions that cause ingrown hair in the first place.

Exfoliate. Exfoliate. Shave well and sooth...

You'll have all the tools and knowledge you need to finally make a difference.

Replenish Exfoliation Spray
Replenish Shave Oil & Gel


Size and Type


$15 for 4oz Gel and 1/3 oz Oil


Home or Travel Size
Who's it for

Shavers or Waxers will benefit from the enzymatic exfoliation of AHA's in fruit and sugar acids that will break the bond of dead skin that will clog up any hair removal treatment. Willowbark, a Beta Hydroxy keeps pores clear while Aloe hydrates.

What's in it

(2 or 4oz) Daily Demolition Spray

Alpha Hydroxy Acids for surface, water-based exfoliation of Bilberry, Maple, Magic, Lactic, Glycolic. Along with Willowbark a Beta-Hydroxy (oil clearing exfoliation) for in pore exfoliation. All of this magic is in a liquid Aloe base for deep, soothing hydration so skin can heal itself and stay strong.


How to Use

Spray everyday for smooth, enzymatically exfoliated skin.

Use once a day, just before bed, for best results. Can be used twice a day to eliminate ingrowns or rash you already have.

Can be used face & body

Who's it for

The perfect way to save some cash on the items in your Dirty Dog Shave Kit that tend to get used up the quickest.

We offer a Wheat/Gluten FREE version of our shave gel in this kit.

Specify at order if you want this.


What's in it


4 oz Slick Blade Gel

1/3 oz Razor Oil


How to Use

Replenish your shave kit with the parts that make your shave the best it can be.

If you change the WAY you shave - you will get get a new result.

Who's it for

YOU may be tough - but you can still have sensitive skin. Shaving your face & neck can serve up a lot of abuse!

Sooth even the most sensitive skin with this 'post-race' healing, cooling, strengthening solution.

This hydrating spray/splash can be used as a daily moisturizing treatment for normal/oily skin


What's in it

Aloe base with Lavender, Tea Tree and Witch Hazel 2 oz liquid

Product Video

How to Use

Target delicate skin daily to strengthen it and make it less reactive. Use it post removal to cool, sooth and speed healing.

And remember - life may be a race - but shaving never should. Slow down - take a bit of time - this is your face after all!

Can be used face & body for any of life's little traumas.

Aromatic Stimulant


One 1/3 oz Roll-On $12.50
Buy 2 & Save! $20
Specify Types


Get the razors to get the job done!

The right Razor, right to your Door.


We are NOT affiliated with THE DOLLAR SHAVE CLUB - but we dig what they do!

Who's it for

Anyone who wants to add a little spice into their life.

Increase blood flow to 'You-Know-Where' by up to 30% with this blend of scientifically proven aroma therapy.

Read LINK #1 - Read more at LINK #2

And the best part - it works on Men & Women! Read LINK

What you choose to do with that enhanced stimulation is entirely up to you! Read Kat Nip's Beauty Huile review

What's in it

1/3 oz Naturally base body oil with natural plant extracts of Anise, Vanilla with a Vodka emulsifier.


**FAQ Sexual Stimulants**

How to Use

Start by using your Fetch when you know your going to engage in some stimulating activity - either alone or with a partner.

You do not have to like the scent for it to work. You do not have to wear it like cologne or fill the room. Just get some thru your nose and up to your brain...

Follow the direction on the Fetch label. You can build on the 'Pavlovian" type response and over time quicken the time that the aroma therapy effect kicks in.




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