Man's REAL 'Best Friend!

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"I have the most course bead area and Dirty Dog helped clear the way to a much smoother shave."- John
"I can get a smooth and a close shave now that I know HOW!" Steve
"I was 'not cool' with waxing until I got the pre/post care down with Dirty Dog's products"- Ted
"My husband has already 'barrowed' my Kitty Kit shave products! He has very sensitive skin and he says it's the most soothing shave he's ever had. No rash or irritation, he looks great!" - Lizzy

"I use to think MORE blades would stop the irritation... now I know clean, sharp blades and several days of shaving will get me to my goal." -David

"Dirty Dog does the trick!" - Frank
"I love the smooth results I get from my kit - and well, so does my husband! " -Teresa
"It takes some new habits- but I will never rush a good shave job again" -Bob
"Ingrowns are a thing of the past. I now know how to prevent them!" -Chase
"I could never find the right mix of skincare for my ethnic skin. Dirty Dog has just what I needed. And what looked like acne - is gone! I can shave whenever I want to now!" -Jeffery
"Natural ingrediens that rock!" -Chuck