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You can get smooth!


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Q: A:

What is the ONE product I really need to be a smooth Dog?

Dirty Dog's Daily Demolition Spray provides the daily derma exfoliation needed to be bump free. Fruit Hydroxy Acids are gentle, non drying and effective in elimination and prevention of ingrown hair. Whether you shave or wax - this is the one item you need to condition your skin for smooth results!


Q: A:

What are the 'target' areas for exoliation?

Any area where coarse, curly hair is in a 'folded' or bumpy area of the body can be particularly susceptible to rash, irritation and ingrown hair from any type of hair removal. Dirty Dog's products are created to address the care of the unique skin and hair removal in the area of the face, neck and groin with the ultimate goal of conditioning the skin. Eliminate and prevent ingrown hair and irritation and you can shave and wax as often as you like!


Q: A:

Why does Dirty Dog have kits?

Dirty Dog's Kits address the entire skin care process that surrounds the act of shaving or waxing. Hair removal starts well before your standing wet and naked in the shower, or at your waxing spa...

Exfoliation is the key. Dead skin builds up daily and so to attack back - you must be just as consistent. A quick No-Bump dry brush on target areas will do wonders in uncurling any potential ingrown hair. Daily use of Dirty Dog's Daily Demolition Spray will keep dead skin cells from building up and facilitate a less irritating shave and a more effective wax.

Working both of these steps into your daily routine will not take any more time than you may take to rinse with mouthwash! Heck, you could even do them at the same time! Smooth Dirty Dog and fresh breath - Wow!


Q: A:

Why is there a 'Suggested Start-up Week' set aside in the Shave kit?

Your number one goal is to get an irritation free shave - without razor rash or ingrown hair as a result. Then, and only then can you continue to shave well on a regular basis...

Shaving, is itself, a form of exfoliation!

You can become a smooth shaver -- you just have to condition your skin to take the shave.

This week will help you get there. Plan to read and follow the directions. You can be smooth!


Q: A:

I get waxed at my salon- and still I get irritation and bumps what can I do?

Dirty Dog has put together a special kit just for waxers - Dirty Dog's Express Exfoliation Duo. Exfoliation is the key to getting a superior wax and keeping skin bump free after your appointment. NOTE: This kit is NOT a waxing kit. This kit provides you with skin care to eliminate and prevent ingrown hair for those who do wax.

If you only wax on 'special' occasions - you may want to get Dirty Dog's Shave Kit. This way you can shave well and stay tidy between waxing appointments. You'll also have the key exfoliation products provided in the Exfoliation Duo.






I have what looks like acne on his neck and under his chin. But I think it's ingrown hair. Can your products work for that?

Dirty Dog's shave kit will eliminate and prevent ingrown hair for your neck. You can put your best face forward and with this complete shave kit. You are sure to be photo ready. Products and packaging are geared just for guys!

If 'man-scapeing' is on your To-Do List - Dirty Dog can help below the belt just as effectively as it helps your face!


Bath & Body Questions




I have what looks like acne on the back of my arms and legs - it's these little hard bumps - and I can't get rid of them!

What you are most likely experiencing is the result of soap scum from detergents building up on your skin and clogging pores - they are called pillars. This 'chicken-skin' is most common on the backs of arms and legs- and is not acne.

Dirty Dog will help speed up the smoothing process with our No-Bumps Body Kit. Physical and Fruit Hydroxy exfoliation, No-Bump dry brushing and our citrus infused, Sulfate-free body wash will smooth the way to bump-free skin!


Q: A:

I notice that I'm more prone to heat rash when I'm a 'Smooth Dog' - what can I do?

Biking, running, really any sport that turns up the heat will potentially cause issues if your hair-free down there... Whether you shave or wax - you have effectively removed your body's natural 'air-conditioning' and wicking system. To avoid heat rash and chaffing, Dirty Dog has the perfect powder to dry, sooth and give back the slip your boys & butt need.

Dirty Dog's Butt Dust is talc free, perfume free and dye free. Making it the best powder product for this sensitive area. And it's 'low dusting' ingredients ensures it will not engulf your bathroom in a cloud of powder!


Q: A:

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